5600 Polytec Eggshell

Polytec 5600 is a premium plus eggshell architectural coating for use over wood, drywall and cementitious substrates. The technology is based on a multi-phase self-crosslinking acrylic & polyurethane polymer system that contains several proprietary resin technologies. This provides the coating with an extremely tough surface resistant to household chemicals & surface damage due to heavy use. These proprietary resin technologies provide the surface of the coating with a hard durable surface, characteristic of a superior architectural coating. In addition, this new technology has excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces including plastics. Because it is formulated with the latest in self-crosslinking acrylic-polyurethane polymers it does not yellow on aging or under severe drying conditions. Polytec has excellent resistance to abrasion, stains, moisture, household & industrial chemicals. Environmentally the technology has a VOC <50 g/l and has a very low odor remittance, making it an excellent product for interior applications.

Environment: Interior

Recommended Uses: Cabinets, wood paneling, doors, frames and furniture. All metal surfaces must be primed or previously coated prior to application. This product IS NOT recommended directly on metal (NOT a DTM product) or for table tops.

Colors: White, Off White and Bases H, P, D & A

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Quick Information

Interior Acrylic Polyurethane Finish

Quality/Type: Premium Plus
Type: Finish
Solids by Volume: 38.6%
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