4200 Terminator II

A stain blocking, multi-purpose acrylic primer for interior & exterior use. Has excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates & can be applied on most architectural surfaces. Will provide excellent "grain crack resistance" & flexibility needed for the durability of exterior wood surfaces. On redwood & cedar exhibits excellent tannin stain resistance. Has excellent efflorescent & alkaline resistance that makes this product an excellent choice for stucco & masonry substrates.

Environment: Interior/Exterior

Recommended Uses: I/E wood, galvanized metal, steel, aluminum, ceramic tile, aged alkyd paint, stucco, tilt-ups, masonry & med. chalky substrates such as weathered alkyd paint. Also blocks water & smoke stains, ink marker, crayon & most other household stains.

Colors: White

Span4 terminatior ii

Quick Information

Int./Ext. Primer/Sealer/Stain Killer

Quality/Type: Premium Plus
Type: Primer
Solids by Volume: 39.0%
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